Happy Dorm Hồ Hảo Hớn Branch

Established since 2015, Happy Dorm, located at 42/4 Hồ Hảo Hớn, is a place of comfortable, private and trendsetting. You are free to connect with friends around the world and look for opportunities, expand networking and find people who share ideas. In a dorm, you will be offered more than just a bed. In the heart of District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City, Happy Homes has developed a successful Co-Living Space model called Happy Dorm, which is popular with many customers.

At Happy Dorm, we provide free Wi-Fi; air – conditioning; big kitchen with full cooking utensils (cup, saucer, saucepan, free of gas…); parking; integrated multiplugs; fridge; shared WC and shared washing machine; wardrobe; shoe cabinet; And bunk beds have light curtains for you to have personal privacy.

Your life at Happy Dorm will be extremely dynamic and exciting. No more boring tasteless meals! Now, the dining room is the place to connect and chat with friends everywhere; The terrace can become a place to practice yoga together, watch the fireworks at the festival; And the lobby becomes a place to study, connect to find opportunities.

Happy Dorm is a great choice for young people, helping to raise awareness of community life, develop oneself, improve and expand relationships. This is extremely convenient, safe and saving cost. Not only is the house, this is the living space meaning, dynamic, interesting of the new generation.